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Architecture Inspires Emotions Everyday

Architecture Inspires Emotions Everyday The exact impact of architecture on mood and how construction design inspires emotion is surprisingly well documented for such a new line of thought. With the onset of modern wireless technology, it has been possible to monitor things like heart rate, blood pressure, and brain waves. This is particularly important since

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Tips for Building a New Home

Tips for Building a New Home Building a new home from scratch can be an exciting and equally overwhelming experience. Whether you intend to buy existing house plans or create your own, building your house brings forth satisfaction that may not be felt by purchasing a home. Besides satisfaction, you can customize and tailor your

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Is New Home Construction Right For You As A First Time Buyer?

Is New Home Construction Right For A First Time Home Buyer? If it's your first time buying a home, one of the many decisions you are going to face is whether or not you should buy an existing home, or go for new home construction. It's a daunting decision, because most buyers recognize new home

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Tips For Moving Into Your New Home

Tips For Moving Into A New Home Research has shown the movement of people within the US has remained at 12% for years. It's become a common theme for people to pick up and move out to find a new home. While the search takes time and you will want to find the ideal home,