12 Important Things To Do First For A Kitchen Remodel

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The kitchen is perhaps the most renovated part of most houses, and the place where you can get creative or sit down, catch your breath, and eat each peach, pear, or pineapple in peace. People have different ideas, priorities, tastes, and needs for taking such a step, and they evaluate their kitchen renovation options to ensure what they create serves their best interests. Preparing for a kitchen renovation and getting the project done right during the kitchen renovation is a matter of knowing the layout, the space you are working with, and the features (new and old) you will use when sprucing up the room. You want to know how to remodel a kitchen with a beautiful and functional kitchen design and the freedom to design your own kitchen layout without creating unnecessary costs or inconvenient delays. These tips for kitchen remodel can help you determine cost-effective and best kitchen design quality objectives and help guide your process as you design your dream kitchen and realize it.

Kitchen Remodel Design Objectives

As you are preparing for a kitchen remodel, you will want to make a few decisions about your remodel objective before beginning. Taking these factors into consideration and designing based on these kitchen remodel design objectives will save you costly mistakes and backtracking from having to change your remodel plans once they are already in progress. Take as much time as you need to decide on your priorities for each of these kitchen remodel design objectives, because the extra time spent planning and preparing for a kitchen renovation adequately will turn your finished project into a greater success.

  1. Conformist or Deluxe: Some people like playing safe by opting to work with a conventional design that exudes a modernistic design and feel. But others want a showcase, a kitchen with everything deluxe – from the appliances to cabinetry, fixtures, top, and the best kitchen renovation overall. The latter kitchen remodel option is the expensive route but has a significant impact on the house’s market value.
  2. Needs and Preferences: Experts say that a kitchen renovation that personalizes the kitchen can turn out to be a costly investment, especially when it comes to the property’s resale value. But it can be a worthwhile undertaking based on the family’s needs and priorities. You will probably want a functional modern kitchen design that suits your preferences visually and makes all kitchen tasks as easy and convenient as possible. These factors will not only make your kitchen better for your own use, they will make your home more appealing in general.
  3. Upgrade or Update: While the two are used interchangeably, their application differs. Updating the kitchen mostly entails using the existing features and installations, revamping them while introducing a few new things that help transform the room. On the other hand, upgrading the kitchen will involve getting rid of the old and dates things and bring in new ones that refresh the overall design, function, and condition of the room.
  4. Aesthetics: Beauty always stands out; it speaks for itself. However, the reasons for doing the kitchen remodel can influence your choices regarding the aesthetics of the room. Ideally, it will have a long-term impact on the overall presentation. Nevertheless, you should limit doing too much personalization if you are renovating the kitchen while planning to sell it. A functional modern kitchen design incorporates a strong aesthetic without adding difficulty of use or to clean. You also want a color theme that reflects your personality and taste but remains sensitive to current home fashion, so weigh these factors when you’re making that tough choice between Wedgwood Blue or Eat Each Peach.
  5. Market Value: Experts recommend that you look at the kitchen objectively to determine if the kitchen remodel will play a significant role when selling the house. If that is what you are thinking of doing in the next few years, evaluate the kitchen remodel cost for the project against the return on investment to ensure it is not less than 100%.

Factors To Include During The Kitchen Renovation

Now that you know the five crucial kitchen remodel design objectives that will guide what you need to do when preparing for a kitchen remodel, below are some top tips on how you can achieve a quality presentation that could be beyond your wildest dreams. From the moment you begin planning your kitchen remodel design to every step of the project until its completion, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind and focus on to keep your kitchen renovation project from getting off track or making a mistake that will inconvenience you in the future. These seven tips will ensure you get the most functional, cost-effective, and attractive kitchen possible once renovations are complete.

  • Haste Makes Waste: Do not start the project before determining what you want to change and why. Spend a few hours in your kitchen as you contemplate the different aspects of the room that are inefficient, outdated, or undesirable. A quality kitchen remodel is the result of thorough planning and maintaining your initial kitchen remodel design objectives during the kitchen renovation. Don’t loose sight of your objectives!
  • Leave Enough Storage Space: The storage options near the fridge and on both sides of your cooker or stove and the microwave should be at least 15” long. The idea is for you to have a kitchen that offers convenience for your storage needs. Allowing for plenty of storage in your functional modern kitchen design is the best way to prepare for even unexpected future needs in your kitchen and home. If your kitchen already has limited space, consider some creative, less-expensive storage design ideas to make the most of the space your kitchen has.
  • Reevaluate The Counter tops: Think of spacious counter tops that will still allow you to reach your ingredients and line up what you need with minimal effort. Also, consider installing them at a height that lets the kids help cook up a storm as they learn a few family culinary secrets. The appearance of your new kitchen counter tops will also factor in when creating a beautiful visual presentation of your kitchen. Also, are your counters as wide as you need them to be? Having room for your arms (and elbows!) as you cook and clean means the difference between a stressful or serene kitchen, and you want space to safely slice and eat each peach, apple, or strawberry and roll out plenty of crust for your next homemade pie.
  • Plan The Cabinetry: As you think of how amazing the new cabinets will look and how they bring in a unique vibe, also consider the direction the open. The corners will be an obstruction for the cabinet doors, and you do not want doors moving in opposite directions, colliding when swung open. Pay close attention to best kitchen cabinet design practices and be on the lookout for the best looking kitchen cabinets for your kitchens aesthetic.
  • Power Outlets Are Priceless: During the kitchen renovation, make sure that all the power outlets are in convenient locations like the island, back splash, and any other suitable area for easy and safe access.
  • Install An Island And Remember Your Walking Paths: While it might be worth considering, be sure of its use or purpose because it’s installation will affect the design of the room. Nevertheless, the island can serve as a cooking and casual dining area. Ensure what you opt for in your kitchen renovation is of an appropriate size and can accommodate both functions. However, remember that walkways in your kitchen are vital. They should be at least 45” wide around the cooking area and roughly 35” throughout the rest of the room. Traffic jams in the kitchen as quickly make a mess of things and can make it difficult to peel each potato, fillet each fish, or eat each peach in your future cooking adventures.
  • Running A Clean Ship: While we do not like to think much about cleaning, particularly as we pour our hearts into creating every chocolate chip cookie and eat each peach that make a personalized kitchen that much more enjoyable, it is an inevitable chore. Therefore, do yourself a favor when doing the kitchen remodel and use quality materials for your sinks, shelves, counter tops, and other surfaces. Consider how long they will last and what it takes to clean and maintain them. Hence the need to appropriately prioritize practically over aesthetics in your functional modern kitchen design.

Kitchen Remodel Bottom-Line

Create a quality kitchen when doing renovations require prudent planning in which you strike the perfect balance between practicality, function, and appearance. Preparing for your kitchen remodel thoroughly and remaining focused during the kitchen renovation to complete it well are both crucial, and the result should be a realized functional modern kitchen design that puts a smile on the faces of all that step into the room.